sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011

The Derek Redmond Principles

Lo he conocido hoy buscando una historia de motivación para la clase de mañana.


Before you can set yourself on any path to success you must first have a clear vision of exactly what it is you want to achieve. Equally important is an ability to change goals while remaining focused. Life can never be fully predicted and sometimes it becomes necessary to handle the unexpected.

Team Building:

How best to organise, operate and succeed as a cohesive team. Also how to function to full personal potential and bring individual talents to a team unit.


What it takes to achieve pre-determined goals. How to work out the most efficient and effective ways and means to achieve those goals.

Overcoming Obstacles:

No matter how meticulous the preparation, how dedicated the team and the individual, life has a habit of delivering the unexpected. When that happens it is vital to stay focused, adjust objectives and goals as necessary and maintain the drive for success.


Objectives can only be reached if individuals and teams perform. However, behind a winning performance lies careful, structured preparation and planning. Only by getting this right can people attain the kind of performance required to compete and succeed.

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